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6 Best Free Help Desk Software for Customer Support Teams

Budget constraints preventing you from buying a help desk tool? inspect these top-rated free software options.
As a customer service manager, you’ll remember the multiple benefits of help desk software. The software makes your ticketing process highly efficient, drastically reducing the time to resolve customer queries.

However, budget constraints may keep you from purchasing a help desk solution. It’s not always easy to justify the software’s return on investment (ROI) to your stakeholders, investors, or employees. This puts you within the tough spot of eager to improve things but being unable to.

If you identify with this example, there’s an alternateyou’ll try any of the free help desk solutions on the market. Now, we understand that “free” software might offer you some concerns, as a lack of product documentation and potential data breaches. For these reasons, you would like to vet the seller and their offering before implementing it.

By thoroughly researching the free solutions on the market, you’ll find a tool that meets your long-term business needs and doesn’t create any problems. this text will assist you to do exactly that.

We researched and analyzed about 100 free help desk solutions on Capterra to supply you with the six best options. We’ve listed them in alphabetical order.

What does “best” mean? Each of the six tools included during this article features a minimum user rating of 4.0 within the past year. you’ll find our full methodology here.

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1. ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control may be a help desk and customer support solution for little and midsize businesses (SMBs). The software is often deployed on the cloud and on-premise.

Its free version supports one technician and up to 3 customer agents. It allows agents to attach with one customer at a time and resolve the customer’s query.

ConnectWise Control users can upgrade to four plans: One, Standard, Premium, and Access Only. These plans allow agents to attach with quite one customer at a time. These include features like file transfer, customization, voice calling, video, and reporting.

2. Deskero

Deskero may be a cloud-based help desk and ticketing system for businesses of all sizes. Its Start plan is free for up to at least one agent and includes email ticketing, web portal support, knowledge-base, and multilingual controls.

The free version also offers customized branding, which allows users to include brand logos and colors into the interface.

Users can upgrade their Start plan by paying $4 per additional agent (the first one is free). the opposite plans—Grow, Business, and Premium—provide access to paid features like social network ticketing, automated ticket assignment, chat and feedback widgets, also as time tracking.

3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk may be a cloud-based multichannel help desk solution for businesses of all sizes. Its free version includes email ticketing, social media ticketing (only for Facebook and Twitter), knowledge-based management, and reporting.

The USP of Freshdesk’s free version, called Sprout, is that the support for unlimited agents. The plan offers ticket trend reporting, which lets agents track the status of their open and closed tickets in real-time.

Freshdesk offers four other plans—Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest—which include features like event-based triggers, service level agreement (SLA) management, chat, and chatbot-based support, also as surveys.

4. SysAid

SysAid is an IT service management and help desk solution for businesses of all sizes. the answer is out there both as a cloud-based and on-premise deployment option.

Its free version is deployed on Windows or Linux servers and supports up to 2 agents and 100 end users. This version offers ticket management, incident management, workflow automation, knowledge-based management, and reporting functionalities.

The free version’s USP is its asset management functionality, which allows users to trace IT assets and devices. It helps agents find assets easily while handing queries that need hardware replacements.

If you would like to manage quite two agents or quite 100 assets, you’ll upgrade to any of the three paid plans—Basic, Full, and À La Carte. additionally, to all or any the free features, these plans offer configuration management database, SLA management, patch management, and multiple email boxes.

5. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is an IT service desk solution for businesses of all sizes. the merchandise is often deployed on the cloud or on-premise. Its free version, the quality plan, offers incident management, a self-service portal, knowledge domain management, and SLA reporting.

The free version’s on-premise version supports up to 2 agents, while the cloud-based version supports up to 5.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus’s USP is its incident management functionality, which mixes incidents from different sources, automatically assigns incidents to agents, and marks incidents as a high priority. This helps businesses respond as soon as an event is reported.

Users can upgrade to 2 paid plans—Professional and Enterprise. they will also upgrade to the paid Standard cloud-based plan that permits quite five agents. additionally to the free features, the paid plans offer asset management, purchase and contract management, problem management, and alter management functionalities.

6. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk may be a cloud-based help desk and customer service solution. Its free version offers email ticketing, ticket and agent tracking, SLA management, a community forum, and knowledge-based management functionalities.

The free version’s USP is that the reporting functionality. It offers ticketing reports, agent dashboards, and manager dashboards that provide managers an entire view of the customer support operations.

Users can upgrade to 2 paid plans—Professional and Enterprise. These plans offer advanced features like social media ticketing, custom ticket templates, and advanced reports.

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