Quick Tips for How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner

Program before you arrive at home. If you are fortunate enough to have an air conditioner with a programmable timer, use it! Don’t turn the poor machine on full blast when you get home. Instead, set it to turn on automatically 30 minutes before you arrive home and gradually cool the entire space. The most effective way for air conditioners to cool a room is to run them continuously for extended periods of time, as opposed to attempting to rapidly cool the entire space. gree ac
Raise the thermostat setting. I realize this seems counterintuitive. Try to find the highest temperature at which you can still feel comfortable. For every degree you need to reduce the temperature, your air conditioner works harder and harder. For instance, lowering the temperature by 10 degrees requires the air conditioner to work more than twice as hard as lowering it by 5 degrees. In addition, air conditioners are designed to reduce the temperature by only 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit (about 8-12C). Keep this in mind during the summer, as exceeding this demand is where you begin to overwork an air conditioner.
Cast some shadows. Keep the air conditioning unit out of direct sunlight. This is equivalent to placing a stove in a home and expecting it to cool it. It will exert twice as much effort. If it’s a window air conditioner, consider which windows will receive the most sunlight.
Keep it free. For the air conditioner to function properly, there must be ample space around it. If a window air conditioner is stuck behind drapes or a portable air conditioner is stuck behind a couch, it may only cool a small area and believe its job is done! Ensure that it is in contact with the air of the entire space you wish to cool.
Ensure that all air ducts are clean. If you have doubts about the AC’s efficiency, it’s always a good idea to double-check that the intake and exhaust pipes are clear. It’s also important to ensure that the air intake isn’t above another vent that could be supplying the air conditioner with hot air!
Swap out your filters. This is pretty standard, but it’s always a good idea to remind yourself to change your air conditioner’s filters once a month if you use it frequently. There is no accumulation of mold on the air conditioner!
Additionally, ensure that the coils of the air conditioner are clean. Any dirt will insulate the coils, reducing the appliance’s ability to cool the air. Simply giving your air conditioner a quick scrub will be like giving it a breath of fresh air. These are located on the back of any conventional air conditioner. If you have a full home system, this also applies to the compressor unit.
Keep the volume low. Air conditioners are most effective when they are on for a longer duration. If you’re only going to be gone for 30 minutes to an hour, maintain the temperature on low power. This should be more energy efficient than allowing the room to heat up and then having to cool it down again.
Give it a helping hand. If you have a larger space or want to boost the cooling in another room, it is perfectly acceptable to place a fan next to an air conditioner. It will assist in moving cold air throughout a larger area for more targeted cooling across a larger area.
If your air conditioner has been gradually deteriorating, consider having it serviced. A leak in an air conditioner’s system is comparable to a flat tire on a bicycle. You may not immediately recognize it, but you will soon be unable to move. If the cooling capacity suddenly decreases, it may be worthwhile to have a thorough inspection performed. Particularly if it is not “that” old! A technician of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning will tell you to do this once a year, but if you aren’t experiencing any problems, every other or third spring may suffice.
In an emergency, you should reach for ice. A bucket of ice placed beneath a window or a portable air conditioner can make a difference. Especially if you’re just beginning to cool down a warm room, a large bucket of ice can provide a boost and relieve some of the strain on the air conditioner. gree ac