Things to Know before Washing a Wrap Vehicle

Things to Know before Washing a Wrap Vehicle

Although a vehicle wrap may be a good way to guard the paint job on your car, truck, SUV, or company car, wraps aren’t meant to be installed on your vehicle then forgotten. even as you look after the remainder of your vehicle and any fine paint finish, your vehicle graphics require regular cleaning and maintenance.

To assist extend the life and attractiveness of your vehicle wrap, wash your wrap regularly, and keep your vehicle faraway from possible pollutants whenever possible. this may help preserve the wrap and keep any vibrant colors from fading prematurely.  is ideal for vehicle warping. 

How Often do you have to Clean Your Vehicle Wrap?

As with any vehicle, it’s best to scrub your wrapped car whenever it appears dirty, as any contaminants which are allowed to stay on the graphic will probably be harder to get rid of the longer they sit. For especially difficult items like bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, and road tar, try soaking them for several minutes with extremely popular, soapy water. the appliance of some ethyl alcohol can also help loosen and take away these stubborn contaminants.

If they continue to be, special cleaning solutions may have to be applied before a full car wash. don’t use rough scrubbing action or abrasive tools, as this may damage the film. When finished removing any contaminants, make certain to right away wash and rinse any product residue.

Hand washing your vehicle is the preferred method of cleaning a car wrap. If using this method, first rinse the maximum amount of dirt and grit as possible with a sprig of water before employing a soft, clean cloth or sponge and a wet, non-abrasive detergent to scrub the vehicle.

Make certain to rinse thoroughly with clean water and reduce water spots by employing a silicone squeegee to get rid of excess water immediately. Finish with a clean microfiber cloth.

Wrapped vehicles are often run through a car wash, with a touchless system being the simplest choice. The utilization of brush car washes may cause damage to your vehicle graphic, including dulling, scratching, and lifting the sides of the film.

It is also possible to pressure wash a vehicle with a graphic wrap. 

Ensure the water pressure is kept below 2000 psi (14 MPa).
Keep water temperature below 180 °F (80 °C).
Use a sprig nozzle with a 40-degree wide-angle spray pattern.
Keep the nozzle a minimum of 1 foot (300 mm) faraway from and perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to the graphic.
It is important to notice that holding the nozzle of a pressure washer at an angle to graphic may lift the sides of the film.

Some other care tips to stay in mind when cleaning a vehicle with a car wrap include:

Wipe off any fuel spills immediately to avoid degrading the vinyl and adhesive.

Do no use any abrasive polishes or cutting compounds (Click for more info).

If there’s wax or wax residue on the surface, remove it with an all-purpose cleaner.

When employing a cleaning solution, don’t allow it to face and soak; immediately rinse with clear water.

Store your wrapped vehicle indoors, during a shaded area, or under a canopy whenever possible to preserve and protect the graphics.

If storage during a garage isn’t available, think about using a cloth car cover in the dark to guard against dew or rain which can contain acidic pollutants.

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